Wednesday, March 14

The Sun I Hoped For

Today's post will be a short one: I came across a song the other day, and one verse in particular stuck with me.
Take heart, have hope, my spirit,
And do not be dismayed;
God helps in every trial,
And makes you unafraid.
Await His time with patience
Through darkest hours of night
Until the sun you hoped for
Delights your eager sight.
 Is this too perfect?  This sums up the theme of basically every post thus far.  I believe that there's a divine reason for everything that happens, and most often the course of events in our lives runs on Someone Else's time - even if that means having to go through some less-than-pleasant periods of time before things start to look up. 

We all hope for sun, that's for sure.  Even the most hardcore rainy-day-lovers will be glad to see a sunny day every so often.  To me, one of the most amazing experiences is when I'm on a plane and we're flying above the clouds-- once you break through the layer of clouds, you have a perfectly sunny sky.  I find it pretty cool that the sun is always there and is always shining, regardless of whether there are clouds.  The sun never goes away, but when we're stuck on earth sometimes we just have to wait before we can see it again. 

I know all about the cloudy days.  And fortunately, I know all about the sun that is sure to come around if you wait for it.  If you're having a rough time, just keep reminding yourself that the sun is always there.  Even if you find yourself in the shadow of the clouds, just be patient.  The sun you're hoping for will break through eventually :)

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