Wednesday, February 1


Today is January 31.  Baby is officially late.  One of my friends told me today that her baby arrived late because "he just took that extra time to make sure he was just absolutely flawless."  I agree.  And her baby Logan is pretty freakin' adorable. 

I have this great daily desk calendar that I keep on my kitchen counter (compliments of my mother), and on each day is a picture of Ireland and a wonderful Irish saying.  Below is a picture of the page from yesterday, Baby B's due date:

"Character, like embroidery, is made stitch by stitch."  Well put, Ireland.  Methinks that my little MiniMon is just taking his or her time to get everything stitched just right.  Maybe my little one will be extra full of character :)  (oh my, the things I have to look forward to...)

And speaking of stitching, I'm just going to brag JUST a little... way back in the fall, I decided that I needed a project on which I could focus all my energy.  I decided to make a quilt!  Now hear this: I had never once attempted quilting before in my life.  But I'm no stranger to sewing (with a machine, that is).  So I ventured out to our totally ghetto Jo-Ann Fabrics and picked out some uber-cool fabric: all very colorful, and many of which featured some of my favorite things (clovers/Ireland, compasses/maps, rainbows, cupcakes, cooking/baking, recycling/Earth, and of course, MONSTERS).  And even though I don't currently own a sewing machine, I thought 'How hard could it be to sew a baby quilt by hand?' 


Well, here I am, four months later, a day past my due date, and I've finally finished my quilt!  This was a true labor of love.  I've drawn blood with those $%^& pins and needles countless times - literally put my blood, sweat, and tears into this quilt.  It's taken hours upon hours of cutting, pressing, pinning, stitching, and re-stitching, but I'm done.  And I have to say that I'm majorly proud of this quilt.  Maybe Baby B can arrive now!  And for the record, I'm looking for a sewing machine, if anyone is looking to get rid of one... :)


  1. Baby B your momma is so talented with a quilt like this you will be very brilliantly stimulated and thats the best!

  2. Sol is going to love snuggling with her momma and the beautiful quilt.